la rg e’s eco policy; helping to offset the carbon footprint of our products and services.

As a company we are committed to helping businesses, organisations and individuals calculate, reduce and offset their carbon footprints.

We are members of the Green Business Partnership.

There are strong business reasons for being greener. We have been working with the Green Business Partnership for a few years now we were recently awarded 2 ticks and are now listed on their accredited green supplier page on their site. Remember when choosing your suppliers to check if they have green business network accreditation.

Carbon neutral computing and from la rg e

All of our servers and computers are provided with their carbon footprint already paid off. When we sell new computers or servers we work out the average electricity usage for the 3 year lifespan of the product and purchase trees to offset this.

It doesn’t stop there. We have even made our webhosting service carbon neutral, compensating for the average amount of activity per visitor over time by purchasing more new trees and we offset and recycle as much as possible in house.

Carbon Offset Scotland’s offset takes the form of a woodland regeneration project in Perthshire - they provide an opportunity to see, touch and feel your offset, if you would like further details please get in touch so that they can arrange a visit.

Carbon Offset Scotland, Carbon Offset Scotland Green Business Partnership